Once again, expect a wonderful night in Jerome. Have dinner, stroll the streets and visit the galleries, sip some wine, sample some treats, savor the art…maybe even spend the night at one of the delightful hotels or bed and breakfasts. Jerome is once again the place to be on the first Saturday of the month. For more information, scroll the Events List below.

Nov 4, 2017

“I'm Ready” embodies the crucible of a decision in the show Choose What You Create – all new work by Julie Bernstein Engelmann featured at Gallery 527 in Jerome during Jerome Art Walk.

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Gallery 527 presents a new exhibition, “Choose What You Create” – all new work by Julie Bernstein Engelmann. Each of Engelmann's dramatic abstract paintings embodies a quality she chooses to create in her life. “Paintings vibrate with the intention behind their creation,” Engelmann says. “So I use the painting process to consciously dive into an experience or vibration that I want to amplify. For instance, I notice that my posture aligns when my heart is open and I'm at my best spiritually, so I painted 'Open Chest' to focus on that aligned state. 'Gift from a Child' comes from an imagined experience with my childhood self where she gave me a weed. I realized weeds are wild and free and unapologetic, so I painted the gift to bring it into my life. Another painting, 'Ask Your Body,' is a reminder that whenever I have a question about my health or emotions, my body knows the answer and will reveal it if I ask.” Gallery owner Donna Chesler says, “The paintings are like personal stories, only just their distilled essence. Each one has a very specific feeling, which is unusual in abstract art.”

Engelmann's lush abstracts have won numerous awards. She was honored with a retrospective exhibit, Being Spirit, at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Altoona, Pennsylvania. Site Coordinator Barbara Hollander stated, "Julie Bernstein Engelmann combines passages of poured and brushed paint that remind one of stained glass creations. Her technique relies partly on many years of study and partly on an intuitive, creative interaction with what she refers to as the painting spirit. The resulting works are spiritually resonant and ineffably uplifting."

Engelmann holds an MFA from UCLA and a BA from Barnard College, where she studied with Milton Resnick, first-generation Abstract Expressionist. She teaches Luscious Abstractions on the faculty of the Sedona Arts Center School of the Arts.

“Choose What You Create” will be on view at Gallery 527 in Jerome through December 29.

November reminds us very little of Spring. But for this month’s Art Walk, Yester Day's Fine Art Gallery (located at 509 Main Street in Jerome) is featuring Sedona artist Ruth Wheaton and her bronze sculpture, “Motherhood,” a work that anticipates warmth and abiding love to come, even as the starry darkness descends upon us. In this smooth, three-dimensional expression of the beauty of life, a young pregnant mother gazes lovingly into the eyes of her small daughter, who hugs her mother and her unborn sibling. The embracing figures rise from a red rose, an eternal and undying symbol of love. Coming from a family of artists and having raised six children with her husband Bob, Ruth Wheaton hales from California but has lived in Arizona for 23 years. Mentored by Sedona sculptor John Soderberg, Ruth has created her bronzes professionally since 2015. In her own quiet way, Ruth has “bloomed in the November” to show us an image of a mother’s love can be the sustaining light that is within us all.

Zen Mountain Gallery will be featuring two exceptional jewelers Saturday, November 4 th with Nancy Bihler doing a Roman Chain demonstration during the day and then Komala Rohde as featured artist once Art Walk begins at 5pm. Nancy Bihler is known for the precision of her Roman chain necklaces meticulously created by starting with fine silver wire to make and solder individual rings which are then interlinked to form her classic and elegant chain necklaces. Nancy is a very engaging and informative artist to watch at work and Zen Mountain gallery is pleased to have her demonstrating her process during the day.Then during the evening of Art Walk, the designs of Komala Rohde are featured. Komala will be bringing in necklaces which represent a stunning new design direction that she has taken incorporating beautiful stones with her signature metal work and beading. Komala has long been known for great design and her new necklaces are the culmination of the best of her work. Please join Zen Mountain Gallery for wine and hors d’oeuvres and find a beautiful piece of jewelry from one of our local jewelers that is right for you

Pura Vida Gallery features blown glass work from Filip Vogelpohl and Patrick Fitzpatrick. Filip creates beautiful blown glass olive oil dispensers, shot glasses, and honey pots. While Patrick debuts an exciting new line of stemless, spinning wine glasses and cordial glasses, as well as matching spinning carafes – a conversation piece for any holiday cocktail party. Join Pura Vida Gallery for champagne and chocolates on the evening of the Art Walk and see these great holiday gift ideas.

With fall upon us, at the November Art Walk Threads on Main will be featuring new designs in US-made REVERSIBLE JACKETS by Michael Semprucci. Each jacket, with its stylish collar, is light enough for Arizona with each one having a unique design on the outside with a contrasting pattern on the inside. Yep, two jackets for the price of one! Join Threads On Main for champagne and chocolates on the evening of the Art Walk and see these great holiday gift ideas.

“Seeing the Unseen: New Paintings from Birgitta Lapides” continues at The Jerome's Artist’s Cooperative Gallery. When asked to comment on the title of her show, “Seeing the Unseen: New Paintings from Birgitta Lapides,” she explained, “When I’m painting my landscape collages, I am creating an image that is in part drawn from my imagination, and in part drawn from my experience of living in Arizona; therefore, the result is seeing something that is both familiar and imaginative--it is seeing the familiar differently. My abstract paintings, on the other hand, are completely drawn from my imagination—meaning, they are the result of a visualization process that does not begin in the visible world—they really begin in my imagination; therefore, I’m seeing the unseen.” The show runs thru November 29. Artist’s website: BirgittaLapidas.com The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery is located at 502 N. Main Street in the old Hotel Jerome

Cody DeLong continues his 'Jerome Impressions Series' with 'Tools of the Trade 12"x 18" Oil. Cody also has some new Sedona pieces and some Grand Canyon works. Live music. 300 Hull Ave., next to the Visitors Center and Spook Hall. Cody DeLong Studio

Firefly is pleased to welcome the artistry of Richard Fisher. He began making bells in 1970. Intrigued with the idea of a sculptural form that combined wind, motion and sound. A true American craftsman we hope you'll stop by and enjoy Richard's cast bronze wind bells.

For more information about Jerome Art Walk call Donna @ 928-301-3004.